eLearning Development for Dispensaries

My Dispensary Training provides custom e-learning development for dispensaries. In addition to off-the-shelf e-learning content, it will be imperative that your virtual cannabis university include custom courses, like Onboarding, Local Compliance, and Product Knowledge. MyDispensaryTraining.com can help with your custom dispensary e-learning development! In fact, parent company, Dupont Learning has been building custom e-learning for over 20 years!

e-Learning Development for Dispensaries – Course Creation

Custom e-learning development for dispensaries is required for training topics specifically relevant to your company. With your help, we can create these self-paced e-learning modules quickly and inexpensively.  A typical scenario would be for you to provide the PowerPoint slides, and we take it from there, adding instructional design, interactivity, professional voiceover, text/image editing, etc.  The idea is to leverage your skills and ours, and try to find the right blend of our combined efforts – to make a great course, while keeping costs low.

New Employee Orientation

Custom e-learning development for dispensaries starts with new employee orientation. New employees will need to learn not only about your state’s cannabis regulations but also any applicable local laws.  You may also want them to complete your anti-harassment course and any other content related to how the new employee is expected to behave amongst their new co-workers and customers. 

Also, importantly, product knowledge. If a customer asks a question, your new employee will be expected to provide a good answer! 

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e-Learning Development for Dispensaries – Existing Employees

Once you learn how effective and efficient e-learning is at developing employee skills, there will be no end to the new topics that can enhance their contribution to your company, and to their own personal development.

We can help. MyDispensaryTraining.com, parent company, Dupont Learning, has been developing e-learning for 20 years. Dupont Learning has also partnered with other content developers to provide hundreds of Safety or Soft-Skill topics. Many of these courses are customizable – and can combine existing content, with your company’s philosophy, policies, documentation, etc to make truly relevant courses for your employees.

Click here to view over 100 soft-skill topics from Dupont Learning. Note these courses are all customizable to your organization.

Click here to view over 400 safety topics from Dupont Learning. 


We can create e-learning courses on ANY topic that is unique to your dispensary chain or location. For example, topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Product training, ongoing as your menu changes
  • Standard operation procedures
  • State/local laws and regulations
  • Door check in policies
  • Any other store specific topic


Our goal is to blend cannabis topics with products sold at your dispensary. First, we encourage your staff to start with our off-the-shelf Cannabis Education training modules, which covers essential cannabis knowledge that every budtender should know. After learning the basics, your dispensary has the option to create your own branded courses, tailored to your menu or any other company specific topic.

No problem! There are two types of courses we can provide:

  1. Course for all new employees with full menu and product information (staff takes this course once).
  2. Course with new menu items only, updated monthly. Email notifications can be sent automatically to employees via our Learning Management System.

My Dispensary Training can create multiple courses on any training topic for each of your stores.

Both store managers and employees can log in at www.mydispensarytraining.com, where managers can assign courses to employees, and employees will be automatically enrolled in courses that correspond with their dispensary site.

Since every dispensary is different, it is difficult to demonstrate what custom courses could look like before receiving dispensary content. So .. how do you train your employees now? Our job is to reassemble your training content into an effective e-learning course! Training material from your dispensary menu could include:

  • PDF documents
  • Powerpoints
  • Videos
  • Web links
  • Leaflets / flyers
  • Product information packets given to customers

Send us any form of training content and we can provide a free e-learning development for dispensaries demo.

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